Mango Butter – A Fruity Protection

Mango butter, firstly, has an amazing smell. The work too of this butter is wonderful. It has many properties that make this butter wonderful for the use on skin. It is mild and even soothing.

Another good thing about mango butter is that it helps to relieve sunburn and skin peeling. If you are one of those with pale skin, you know that sunburn can sting and hurt with any movement. Mango butter, when applied daily will help to relieve the sting associated with sunburn. Because sunburn is the direct cause of moisture being removed from the outer layers of skin, the mango butter will –

  • Replace the moisture
  • Peeling to be obsolete and non-existent

The vitamins and minerals contained in mango butter allow the skin to rejuvenate after a long day. Your skin can take a hit when you go out on a cold day. Mango butter can be a good remedy to your dry skin by adding moisture back into the natural elements of your skin. It also has a way of fighting off frostbites for the same reasons that it helps fight dry skin.

There are so many reasons to use mango butter. When you go to find it, look for something that contains natural ingredients. Body Butter can be a great place to find mango butter as it is often times the base of the product. Pay attention to ingredient lists and remember that the items at the top of the list are in the product more than the items at the bottom of the list.

A good example would be that if you found mango butter to be the first or second item on the list, you can pretty much bet that mango butter is contained as 80 percent of the whole product, roughly. If you see mango butter closer to the bottom of the list, that number drops substantially.

We know oleic acid offers great moisturizing and softening of our skin by being well absorbed by the skin. It offers anti-inflammatory benefits as well. And stearic acid is another fatty acid that is well absorbed by the skin to increase moisture retention and flexibility of our skin. So in mango butter we find a lovely butter that melts a little above our body temperature that offers moisturizing and occlusion.

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