Mango Butter – Caring For Skin The Natural Way

Mango butter is an absolute treat for the human skin. It has long been a part of many skin caring products and is continuing to be so. It has many amazing properties that turn out to be wondrous for the skin.

Mango Butter derived from the seed Kernel of the Mangoes, this butter is an exceptional quality base ingredient for body care products and soap making recipes. Mango Butter has beneficial moisturizing properties for lotions and acts as a mild lubricant for the skin, and is very similar in color and texture as cocoa butter making it an exotic and fun alternative for toiletry products.

Mango Butter is a tropical butter that has a composition resembling Shea and Cocoa. The fatty acid content is slightly different though. Mango Butter smells slightly sweet and fatty in its natural form; however the refined butter that we offer smells very mild, lending itself well to incorporation within cosmetic and body care creations. It generally has a rich creamy color and is hard at room temperature. It will liquefy at body temperature though or upon contact with skin and subsequently disperses smoothly, leaving a protective, emollient layer.

Mango is a large, evergreen tree, thought to have originated in the Indo-Burma region and is now grown throughout the world. It has been cultivated for over 6,000 years.

It bears small, fragrant yellow or red flowers, developing into a rich succulent fruit, which forms a vital food source for millions of people in the tropics.

Mango has a multitude of culinary uses, from being eaten fresh (either in its raw, bitter green form with a bit of salt,) or when ripe as a dessert fruit.  The stone is a valued source of mango kernel butter.

Mangoes are an excellent nutritional source, containing an abundance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants –

  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Sitamin A, E and C
  • Several B vitamins

Many studies have shown the health-promoting benefits of mango.

Obtained from the seed kernel of the mango tree by cold-pressing, this luxurious butter is highly valued as a cosmetic base ingredient. It is softer in texture than cocoa butter and has beneficial moisturising, lubricating and damage-repairing properties. It is particularly useful on neglected or sun-damaged skins in need of extra care. It can be used in a number of cosmetic preparations, from lip balm to body creams, and is a favoured ingredient in natural product ranges.

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